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ATS started performing in the Dairy General order back in 2013.  Seeing the need, we developed a web based program that kept your time and effort to stay compliant to a minimum.  ATS is one of five privately generated programs approved by the Regional Water Quality Control Board – Region 5 to generate and submit Annual Reports for Dairy Compliance. We utilized water board formulas for calculations and generated the report look based on the request of the water board.  To our knowledge, ATS is the only web based program with multiple APP’s tied together that generates annual reports.  Our program was built and developed in the field with the producer in mind. Not many, if any others can say that.

ATS realizes that there is now a lot more to farming than hard work, sweat, blood, tears, and laughter, you also need to have your records readily available at a moments notice to be successful.  The margin of error is tighter and so are your finances.  Anyone who’s been in the business of farming for the past twenty years or longer has seen the dramatic changes of farm life and mainly in Government Regulations, Self Regulations, tighter profit margins, worldwide competition, and global markets.  ATS has adapted and realizes that more change is coming. Therefore, we need to adapt to the change to keep you in the field while utilizing today’s technology to minimize your time out of the field.  ATS has a goal of being everything to everyone which is not easy to do.  We are engaged with many other technology companies and laboratories to help fight the battle.  Our thought is to bring you technology and ideas that fit your needs, which are different than your neighbors.  We have listened to our clients and have built to their wants and needs across several acres in California.  We noticed that most technologies were either developed in a lab in a different country or in a different part of the nation, this doesn’t work well for us.

We also know that California farming is like nowhere else in the world so ATS was developed here in the Central Valley where farming happens! 

Being developed and operating in your backyard means that ATS knows how you operate.  As well, ATS has onboard programming development that does not outsource to a foreign country, we keep it local!  This is very important to us and we believe important to you as well.  We are all in this together and ATS has skin in the game too. 

ATS is dedicated to the mission and is continuously searching for new ideas and technology every day.   

We are continuously collaborating with others to bring you low-cost alternatives that work seamlessly in your program.  Currently, we are developing infrastructure inside our system that shows and tracks water usage without an actual water meter which may be significant cost savings as well. As help you with tracking purposes for the water board, SGMA and whatever else is coming down the road.

While speaking with farmers, ATS has learned that most operations are using some method of tracking many if not all the features we have in our program.  We found that irrigation records are recorded on paper in the field, handed to the field foreman, then sent to a manager and possibly then handed to a person in the office for final data entry.   In this scenario, ATS has deleted at least three of these steps, which relates to time, money and accuracy.  This is only one example, there are many more and we would be happy to show you.

ATS is also working with irrigation technology companies to utilize their current information to minimize or eliminate duplicate data entry.  We can also bring in weather data, flow meter usage, and direct links to other platforms for ease of use.  If there are other features that are needed, we can do that too.  Yet another time-saving feature. 

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