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Field Scouting
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Field Scouting

Inside the ATS Mobile app, we have developed an expansive field scouting app like no other.  It was developed by actual PCA’s and field supervisors in the field, not in a computer lab from people who have never walked a field.  The ATS Mobile App allows your PCA’s, field scouts and any other person on your team to accurately take notes, log inspections, take geo-referenced pictures add several issue types and send to anyone who needs to view the field inspection.  This feature also has the ability to send driving directions via Google Maps and take you right to the issue at hand.

The ATS Mobile App will save you time in the field and time writing REC’s as well as keeping these reports for a lifetime, and the nice thing is you can pull them back up years later with ease!  You can also view all the field checking locations for the entirety of the crop.  This map is a living document so management has the ability to see field checking coverage and where the HOT spots are.

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