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Bee Location Tracking

ATS is very concerned about SAFETY on all aspects of farming.  We have all had issues on the locations of Bee Boxes especially when lining up pesticide applications.  ATS developed a Bee tracking module that allows bee keepers, applicators and ALL Farm Team Members to...

Customized Printable Field Maps

ATS has developed a very detailed and expansive Mapping module that allows on-site tracking, printing, editing, field, and facility measuring with high accuracy. Inside the Mapping module, you will have the ability to open several different attributes that are not only required but needed to...

Field Boundary Mapping

ATS has developed a very detailed mapping module in which field boundaries can be generated and edited for more accurate acreages and attributes.  Field I.D.’s are saved and linked to the actual crop and County Agricultural Permit.  ATS can automatically upload permit mapping polygons where...