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ILRP General Order Reporting (RWQCB 5)
Reporting & Analysis

ILRP General Order Reporting (RWQCB 5)

ATS was originally developed to facilitate the Dairy general order.  When the Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program (ILRP) was invoked, we made a few changes and pulled off the bovine herd information and away we went.

ATS works with the designated coalitions to receive required farm field data.  We have generated the fillable templates that were developed for the ILRP, which can be saved and printed.  ATS has also worked with the Kern River Watershed Coalition Authority (KRWCA) and the program they developed in order to merge data.  Other coalitions have adopted the KRWCA program in which ATS is already familiar with.  ATS has the ability to track and separate multiple coalitions data and generate reports.  The NMP templates are generated automatically with the required data input and are stored for historical reference.  Accessor Parcel Numbers are associated with field I.D.’s (Site IDs) and accurate acreages are automatically calculated so there is no more guessing at inaccuracies.

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