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Real-time Mapping
Mobile Farm Management

Real-time Mapping

Keeping all of your maps up-to-date and handy can be very difficult when you’re constantly on the move. Thankfully you no longer need to lug around a paper map book in your truck. With our digital mapping solution, you can keep up to date maps online and accessible on the go with our mobile app.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg,

Our mapping features let you keep all of your maps together in one place:

  • Field Boundary Mapping
  • Irrigation Locations (Well, Canal Inlet, Reservoir, Filter Station)
  • Irrigation Sets, Transfer Lines, Ditches, & Tile Lines
  • Chemical Lockups, Fertilizer Tank, & Acid Tank Locations, Fertilizer Drop Points
  • Office Locations, Facility Boundaries, Hazard Areas, Loading Zones
  • Sampling Locations (Soil, Plant Tissue, Well, Lagoon, Manure, Tile Drains)
  • Scouting Inspection Locations
  • Sensor Monitoring

Map Overlays

  • Section Township Range Maps
  • Irrigated Lands Coalition Boundary Maps
  • Water District Boundary Maps
  • California APN Maps

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